LiveCycle – Additional Configuration for a Stable WebSphere JDBC Connection Pool

For a long-running, stable configuration of the WebSphere JDBC Connection Pool for a database (DB2, Oracle, SQL Server 2005), there are additional configuration steps that can be performed.

1) Enable pre-testing of pooled connections
2) Enable pre-testing of existing pooled connections

In the WebSphere Admin Console, navigate to JDBC providers->[Your_JDBC_Provider_Name]->Data sources->[Your_JDBC_Data_Source_Name]->WebSphere Application Server data source properties.

Check the checkbox for “Pretest existing pooled connections”
Check the checkbox for Pretest new connections.

In the “Pretest SQL string” field, enter:
Replace “LCDB2” with the actual name of your schema.

Apply and save the changes.

Repeat this for all of LiveCycle’s data sources (IDP_DS, EDC_DS, JMS_DS).

Re-start the WebSphere appserver instances that host LiveCycle.

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One Response to LiveCycle – Additional Configuration for a Stable WebSphere JDBC Connection Pool

  1. Joe Hayes says:

    I would suggest that, for SQL Server 2005, you use something like SELECT 1 for your query. Omit the from clause. This will create a trip to the db engine, thus verifying your connectivity, but will not cause the SQL Server Engine to have to analyze, parse, optimize, etc, and will not cause the access plan to be stored in the plan cache, thus saving that utilization of system resource. Bottom line, it’s worth taking the time to make your pre-test SQL use as little db resource as possible.