A Virtual Appliance for Evaluating LiveCycle ES

NOTE: Many people experienced very long download times as well as disconnects trying to download our 14 GB appliance. As a result, we have removed it. A smaller (2 GB) appliance for ES2 is now available – see here for details. If you are still interested in the ES U1 appliance, please contact your Adobe account team. We are very sorry about this.

VMware has been promoting the idea of a “virtual appliance” for at least two years now. It has been very popular, as can be seen by the profusion of appliances at their Virtual Appliance Marketplace. eWeek Labs’ Cameron Sturdevant recently wrote about the growing relevance of software virtual appliances here.

A LiveCycle Evaluation Virtual Appliance is now available for download. It is essentially a VMware ESX-based virtual machine containing the operating system (SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 64-bit SP2), a JDK (Sun HotSpot 1.5 64-bit), a J2EE application server (JBoss AS Community Edition 4.2), a database management system (MySQL Community Edition 5.0.26), and LiveCycle ES 8.2.1 SP1 evaluation version.

Here’s Novell’s press release that mentions the LiveCycle Virtual Appliance.

If you have an existing VMware Infrastructure 3 (VI3) environment, or have a server running the free ESXi 3.5, there is now an option to evaluate LiveCycle ES 8.2.1 (SP1) without any installation-configuration hassles.

The Appliance URL is this (NOTE: use this link if you have trouble with it). It is 14.5 GB!

You need to have an “Adobe ID” (free registration). The Readme is here.

For other LiveCycle evaluation options (eg: ordering LiveCycle on a DVD), please see here.

You can use VMware’s free vCenter Converter to convert this ESX VM to the version that can run in VMware Workstation.

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