LiveCycle ES2 – Evaluation Download Now Available

LiveCycle ES2 (v9.0) is now available for download for evaluation here. You will be asked to login with your Adobe ID (free registration), and accept the terms and conditions.

There are two options available:

1) the traditional install bits.
2) a virtual appliance (pre-installed, pre-configured VMware image).

You can download the latter if the following conditions apply:

1) You have the free VMware Player or VMware Server or you have VMware Workstation (v6.5 or newer, not free). VMware Fusion has not been tested.
2) Your laptop, desktop or server has at least 3 GB of available RAM and at least 30 GB of disk space.
3) Your machine has 64-bit capable CPUs. To confirm, download CPU-Z and run it. On an Intel CPU, the instruction sets supported will list EM64T, if the CPU is 64-bit. For an AMD CPU, it should say AMD64.

If you have a VMware VI3 or vSphere infrastructure, you can convert the image into the ESX format using the free VMware vCenter Converter Standalone and use it.

We had tried the appliance approach previously for LiveCycle ES Update 1 but due to its size (14 GB), it was not popular. The ES2 appliance is only 2 GB because it is built on Novell SUSE Enterprise Linux 11 JeOS (Just Enough OS) using Novell’s SUSE Studio.

Novell’s press release about the LiveCycle appliance is available here. You can watch Adobe’s Marcel Boucher talk about the appliance here.

James Staten, Galen Schreck and Ben Nichols of Forrester Research predict that software virtual appliances will become more and more popular than install bits in the future.

If you experience problems with the appliance, please use the dedicated adobe forum for the appliance.

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One Response to LiveCycle ES2 – Evaluation Download Now Available

  1. roumen says:

    Your download link for the JBoss service pack 1 is very poor. As times goes by, the speed deteriorates significantly. You need more power behind it: it’s very annoying to wait for 40 min. My speed is 20 Mbs and I have to wait 40 min to download!!! Excuse me?