New in LiveCycle ES2 – Launchpad

In ES2, LiveCycle now ships with a new desktop application called Launchpad which lets you start using LiveCycle without any development effort. It is available at %LC_INSTALL_ROOT%\deploy\Launchpad.air It is an AIR application so the Adobe Integrated Runtime should also be installed.

Once installed and configured for your server, it is capable of automatically “discover”ing the LiveCycle services available on the server that it is capable of leveraging and set them up for use. These services include:
– PDF Generator ‘Convert to PDF’
– Rights Management ‘Apply Policy’
– Output ‘Create PDF Package’
– Foundation ‘Convert PDF’

While configuring the server, for username and password, you can use the built-in ‘administrator’/’password’. Once this is done, using LiveCycle is as simple as dragging and dropping input documents into Launchpad and retieving the output.

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