Pre-configured JBoss Configurations for LiveCycle ES2

The freely downloadable JBoss Community Edition comes with three JBoss configurations:

In ES2, LiveCycle comes with several pre-configured JBoss configurations (Community Edition only, no EAP) which have been tested by Adobe’s LiveCycle Engineering team. These allow a customer to use them out-of-the-box without having to do all of the required configuration changes. In JBoss, this can be tedious and error-prone because all changes are done by hand-editing XML files.

Since JBoss is operating system-agnostic, you can use these on Windows/Linux/Solaris.

To obtain the JBoss configuration that fits your environment, go to the /third_party/ folder on the LiveCycle ES2 DVD and unzip Then, navigate to %JBOSS_UNZIP_ROOT%/server/.

Non-clusterable Stand-alone Configurations
If you do not ever plan to deploy LiveCycle ES on more than one JBoss instance per environment (DEV, TEST, PROD etc), use one of these configurations. You can delete the others to save diskspace.


Clusterable Configurations
If you foresee a need for clustering JBoss (even if you currently only plan to deploy LiveCycle to just one JBoss instance), use one of these configurations:


MySQL is not supported for LiveCycle JBoss clusters.

As the names indicate, the difference is attributable to the database that JBoss is configured for. The appropriate Type 4 (thin) JDBC driver is also included – you can find these in /server/<your_configuration>/lib/. They are:
MySQL : mysql-connector-java-5.1.6-bin.jar
Oracle : ojdbc6.jar
SQL Server : sqljdbc.jar

Please note that if you use one of the pre-configured JBoss configurations, LiveCycle Configuration Manager (LCM) will not perform all of the configuration steps it normally performs for a Turnkey JBoss instance.

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