Creating Multimedia PDF Portfolios Using LiveCycle ES2

PDF Portfolios, a new feature introduced in Acrobat/Reader 9 lets you create a PDF file with multimedia content including video and audio. Since v9 of both Acrobat and Reader come packaged with the Flash Player runtime, you can play flash video and MP3 audio within Acrobat/Reader. Other multimedia content such as MPEG2 videos can be played by other runtimes on the desktop such as Windows Media Player, Real Player or Apple QuickTime. Here is a Flash video presentation on this by Adobe Evangelist Lori DeFurio (you might need Adobe Media Player installed to view it).

Kathy Stone explains how to use LiveCycle ES2 Assembler to create a PDF Portfolio at the blog maintained by LiveCycle’s documentation team. Also see Rick Borstein’s “Acrobat for Legal Professionals” blog.

To get started, you can download this LCA (hover, choose ‘Save Link As’, download and save as a .lca file). It contains the key enabler – the Assembler DDX that creates a PDF Portfolio with MP3, Flash video and MPEG2 video files (video and audio content is not included). Server-side creation of multimedia PDF portfolios will be very useful for case management type applications in the insurance and legal professions which have to deal with photographs, scanned images, videos and audio.

Navigating the content of a PDF Portfolio can be made more sophisticated and visually rich by means of “navigators”. Some of these ship with Acrobat. You can find them in %ACROBAT_INSTALL_LOCATION%\Acrobat_9.0\Acrobat\Navigators\. Additional portfolio layouts can be freely downloaded here. To create your own navigator, please watch “PDF Developer Junkie” Joel Geraci’s excellent video series on Adobe TV.

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