LiveCycle ES2 Deployment Architecture Visio and Configuration Checklist

Having the Visio diagram of a LiveCycle ES deployment architecture handy always makes for smoother, more coherent architecture discussions. To facilitate that, here is a sample Visio document that can be downloaded and customized to reflect your exact architecture. You would need Microsoft Office Visio 2007 or newer. Here is the PDF version.

Also, many system administrators experience a need to document and maintain configuration information for all of their LiveCycle servers in a production cluster. To help with that, here are additional Visio templates (by J2EE appserver): IBM WebSphere (PDF), Red Hat JBoss (PDF) and Oracle WebLogic (PDF).

For VMware VI3 and vSphere hardware-virtualized environments, here (PDF) is a Visio diagram that could be customized.

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2 Responses to LiveCycle ES2 Deployment Architecture Visio and Configuration Checklist

  1. Adam Crump says:

    Could you also post links to the documentation on where to set each of the ip ports for each jgroup. The documentation is not exactly clear on which one is being set as it just says to edit file x. Also are all the jgroups required or do they depend on which compoenets of livecycle are installed.