LiveCycle ES2 Service Pack 1 (SP1) Now Available

You can download it here (need an Adobe account (free) and have to “agree” to the EULA).

Three separate downloads are usually required:

– for the server components
– for the Workbench IDE
– for (Form) Designer

Once applied, your ‘About’ page should show a version number of Please make sure that you
– use LCM to build new EAR files
– undeploy the current EAR files
– deploy the newly-built EAR files
– deploy LiveCycle solution components (DSCs)

To download a trial version of LiveCycle, go here.

Post-SP1 install versions numbers for:
– Workbench :
– Designer :

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One Response to LiveCycle ES2 Service Pack 1 (SP1) Now Available

  1. els says:

    Hi,I did a new install of LCES2, without running the configuration manager yet. Can I do the install of SP1 first and after that run the configuration manager (for the complete config) once for both installations?I ask this because of the first note on p.7 in the install guide for SP1. (“Do not select the tasks to configure the application server or validate the application server if the LiveCycle ES2 server has been configured earlier”)Kind regards,Els