LiveCycle FormsIVS and OutputIVS “Cannot allocate memory” Issue on Linux

Because of the peculiarities of Linux architecture, you might get the following error in your J2EE appserver log while invoking FormsIVS, OutputIVS or PDF Generator: Cannot run program “chmod”: error=12, Cannot allocate memory
instead of something like this:
[com.adobe.service.ProcessResource] BMC505: Service XMLFormService: Starting native process with command line “/home/livecycle/jboss-4.2.0/server/lc_mysql/svcnative/XMLFormService/bin/XMLForm.exe” -MyPath /home/livecycle/jboss-4.2.0/server/lc_mysql/svcnative/XMLFormService -IOR

This is caused by the swap partition not being big enough for LiveCycle. Increase the size of the swap partition to be at least 2 GB, preferably 4 GB. Forms ES and Output ES both have a C++ component (XMLForm.exe) that is forked from the J2EE appserver’s main java process. This requires additional memory that (in Linux) is almost the same amount as the appserver’s java process (1 to 2 GB). See this Apache Hadoop thread for more details on this behaviour.

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