LiveCycle ES2.5 Now Generally Available (GA)

The LiveCycle ES2.5 release consists of:

1) Three new Solution Accelerators (v9.5)
2) New version of Workbench (v9.5)
3) Service Pack 2 (SP2) for LiveCycle ES2 (v9.0.0.2)

The new Solution Accelerators (SAs) are:

1) Interactive Statements v9.5
2) Managed Review and Approval v9.5
3) Correspondence Management v9.5

The physical assets of these SAs include EAR files, DSCs, LCAs, Content Services AMPs etc. along with one additional DB data source definition with the JNDI name AdobeDefaultSA_DS. Please note that unlike IDP_DS and EDC_DS, this one should be a XA data source for Oracle, DB2 and SQL Server.

Please note that the Solution Accelerators require SP2. Here’s how the About page in AdminUI will look:



If you are currently running LiveCycle ES2, or ES2 SP1, you have to perform the following steps:

– Apply SP2 to $LIVECYCLE_INSTALL_ROOT (back it up first)
– Install the Solution Accelerator(s) to $LIVECYCLE_INSTALL_ROOT
– Run LCM to build new EAR files
– Undeploy your current EAR files
– Re-start your appserver instance(s)
– Deploy all of the new EARs
– Using LCM, deploy DSCs (“Solution Components”)
– Using LCM, configure the SAs

LCM = LiveCycle Configuration Manager

To get an idea about the overall theme for this release, please see blog entry by Kumar Vora, VP and General Manager for Adobe’s LiveCycle business.

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2 Responses to LiveCycle ES2.5 Now Generally Available (GA)

  1. Bob says:

    I have hired someone who does live cycle interactive forms. I love the form result when I test on my laptop. However, and I am sure this is an old topic. The form does not open on iPAD. When the extension is changed according to the developer, the form then opens on the iPad but all of the intelligence (drop downs, calendar controls) does not show i.e. is rendered useless. How is the problem solved? If the forms are hosted on a Web site for users to click on and then fill in using the power Live Cycle provides, what else needs to be purchased to make the fully usable when the end point user is using an iPad?

  2. Jeff Stanier says:

    Hi Bob,

    Your timing is good. Please see our announcement about ES4 capabilities –