LiveCycle ES2 SP2 Now Available for Download

Service Pack 2 for LiveCycle ES2 is now available for download from here. You need an Adobe account (free) and have to “agree” to the EULA.

If you are currently on, there is no need to first apply SP1 before applying SP2. SP2 is cumulative, and includes SP1 fixes.

Three separate downloads are usually required:

– for the server components
– for the Workbench IDE
– for (Form) Designer

Once applied, your ‘About’ page in AdminUI should show this:
GM Patch Version: SP2
Service Pack Version:

Please make sure that you
– use LCM to build new EAR files
– undeploy the current EAR files
– deploy the newly-built EAR files
– deploy LiveCycle Solution Components (DSCs)

Please note that for the Workbench IDE, it is a brand new install, not a patch to an existing install. Workbench 9.5 is backward-compatible with 9.0 and (SP1).

Post-SP2 install version numbers for LiveCycle ES2 desktop applications will be:
– Workbench :
– Designer :

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2 Responses to LiveCycle ES2 SP2 Now Available for Download

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  2. Aaron says:

    Hello everyone
    anyone who can tell me about the diferences between LCES2 SP2 and LCES9.1