Using Global Settings for the Email Services

 There are three email services available in Workbench which can use Global email settings:  Send With Document, Send With Map of Attachments, and Receive.

If you connect to the same email server when you use these services, you can choose to “Use Global Settings” on the Connection Settings tab. This will save you time filling out the connection parameters for each service you add to your process. 

These Global Settings are set on the “EmailService” component. To set this up do the following: 

1) In Workbench, choose Window->Show View->Components.
2) Expand the components. You will see 2 components titled Email.
3) Choose the second one. Expand Active Services. You will see “EmailService:1.0.”
4) Right click on the EmailService:1.0 and choose “Edit Service Configuration”.
5) Add your SMTP and POP3 values and then Stop/Start the service.

To use these settings you do the following:

1) Add an email service your process.
2) In the Process Properties of the service, ensure that the “All” button is chosen in order to see the Connection Settings tab.
3) Select the “Use Global Settings” checkbox on the Connection Settings tab.

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