BareTail Log Viewer Customization for LiveCycle ES2

Bare Metal Software‘s BareTail seems to be the most popular log reader for LiveCycle J2EE appserver logs. The basic version is free. The paid Pro version has search functionality which can be very useful.

On Windows, it provides a real time display of the appserver log with messages that scroll up. Using Samba, you could achieve the same for Linux, Solaris and AIX. The best feature is the ability to color code various types of messages. Red for exceptions, for example.

BareTail customization for LiveCycle can be saved in a custom file and imported. We’re making ours available.


Once downloaded, import it into BareTail using the menu option Preferences->Load From File. If you hate the color scheme, you can always change it to suit your tastes ;-) Currently, pink lines indicate messages related to clustering.

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