Installing LiveCycle Workbench 9.5 When Acrobat X is Already Installed

Acrobat X Professional installs LiveCycle Designer If you try to install LiveCycle Workbench 9.5 afterwards, it will refuse to continue the install asking you to uninstall the Designer that is already installed. In Windows Control Panel, there is no obvious uninstall option for LiveCycle Designer 9.0

To selectively uninstall the Designer 9 that was installed with Acrobat X, perform the following steps:

– Navigate to Windows Control Panel
– Highlight Adobe Acrobat X Pro
– Right-click the mouse and choose “Change”.
– In the resulting dialog, choose the disk icon next to “Adobe LiveCycle Designer 9”
– Choose “This feature will not be available”.
– Click ‘Next’, then ‘Update’ and ‘Finish’.

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