LiveCycle ES2 VMware Appliance Now Available with SP2

The LiveCycle ES2 Evaluation VMware Virtual Appliance (“LiveCycle VMware Appliance”) has been increasingly popular with LiveCycle customers and partners worldwide in the evaluation and development phases. It registered its 2,000th download in October 2010.

We have updated it with ES2 SP2. It is only about 1.8 GB. You can get it here (need Adobe ID (free registration) and have to accept EULA).

It is built with Novell SUSE Studio.

Built with Novell SUSE Studio

It is distributed using Amazon CloudFront so people worldwide should experience comparable download times. Please read the readme first to ensure that it is appropriate for your needs.

An ES2.5 version of the appliance is planned with Solution Accelerators.

We believe that the popularity of the appliance is due to the fact that no installation is required. If you have an existing VMware ESX infrastructure (VI3 or vSphere) or a local desktop/laptop installation of VMware Workstation/Player, LiveCycle ES2 is ready to go as soon as you import the appliance and start it.

A dedicated public forum is available for discussion and e-mail support.

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