New Debugging Features in LiveCycle Workbench 9.5

There are two new very useful debugging features in Workbench 9.5 which is part of the LiveCycle ES2.5 release.

Workbench Console
If you start Workbench 9.5 with two additional arguments, you will get a debug console. The arguments are:
– console -consolelog

Server Log Viewer
Workbench 9.5 comes with a custom component which when installed, will enable a Workbench user to view the server log. The display is not real time – you have to refresh to see the latest log entries. This was a deliberate design decision to reduce network traffic. This custom component is serverLog.jar in $WORKBENCH_INSTALL_ROOT\deploy\

1) Start Workbench 9.5
2) In the ‘Components’ view, right-click the ‘Components’ node, and choose ‘Install Component’
3) Navigate to $WORKBENCH_INSTALL_ROOT\deploy\ and choose serverLog.jar
4) Once installed, navigate to ‘ServerLogComponent’ in the ‘Components’ view, drill down to ServerLogService:1.0 (you might have to “refresh” the Components view to see the new component).
5) Highlight it, right-click and choose ‘Edit Service Configuration’
6) For the ‘serverLogFolder’ field, enter the full path on the LiveCycle server for the appserver log. Eg: D:\jboss_ce_4.2.1_oracle\server\lc_oracle\log
7) For the ‘serverLogName’ field, enter the name of the server log file (server.log for JBoss)
8) Right-click the ‘ServerLogComponent’ and choose ‘Start Component’
5) Once it is started, choose the menu option Window->Show View->Other
6) Choose LiveCycle Processes->Server Log. A new tab will open called ‘Server Log’
7) On the top right of the tab bar, click the refresh button. Make sure the server log is displayed.

To view new entries, you have to keep refreshing.

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6 Responses to New Debugging Features in LiveCycle Workbench 9.5

  1. Dale says:

    Does this work for remote server logs? I keep getting a “Error retreiving server log. Check Workbench log for more information.” When I check my Workbench log I see a “ALC-DSC-020-000: com.adobe.idp.dsc.InvalidStateException: Service: ServerLogService is not in a RUNNING state” error message. The service IS running. If I right click on it in the Components tab it shows “Stop Component” (implying that it is running). When I stop and start the service I see a log entry (through Baretail log viewer) in the remote server “2011-02-21 11:22:16,900 INFO [] Called onStart:”. Not sure what else I’m supposed to do here. In the Components tab under Active Services I see a ServerLogService:1.0 entry which I can right click on and start and stop. This does nothing either.

  2. HDao says:

    I try to follow your instruction to enable the ServerLogService but it does not show in the Components view as described in step #4 after installed the component even though I have refreshed it many times. Can you advise.


  3. matt unger says:

    how do i use the -console workbench parameters? Where does this command go?

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