Using IBM FileNet Connector with LiveCycle ES2

Here are couple of things we’ve found based on recent use cases from customers –

IBM FileNet Connector Configuration:

While configuring IBM FileNet Connector,  LC Admin documentation provides an option to use “IBM FileNet Repository Provider” as documented on ;  Section: “Change the repository service provider”.

However, since there are not many customer use cases for this interface, engineering has deprecated this from ES2 and onwards.  Same applies to EMC Documentum Connector as well.

Recommended way to store content to IBM FileNet is using services available to store and retrieve content. Thus, there is no loss of functionality per se.

(Documentation will be updated accordingly in future).


Usage of RetrieveItem operation in Workbench against IBM FileNet:

If you are using “RetrieveItem” operation to retrieve items from IBM FileNet, you need to set “Item Type” under Meta-Data section of service input.
Even though it’s mandatory, this input parameter does not show up with default “Basic” view for service properties and you need to choose “All” view to access it.

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