Modifying location of ‘adobeidp.RootDirectory’ in WebSphere

If you have Adobe LiveCycle ES running on WebSphere the following information might help:

While running LiveCycle Configuration Manager (LCM), keep in mind that the ‘Application Server Root Directory’ should point to C:\Program Files\IBM\WebSphere\AppServer or /opt/IBM/WebSphere/AppServer depending on the operating system you are using.

Please note that these paths are just an example and you may choose to install WebSphere anywhere as per your organization’s policy.

The location specified by ‘adobeidp.RootDirectory’ is used for the following two purposes:

  1. To expand LiveCycle native binaries.
  2. To create a Global Document Storage (GDS) directory if you choose to use default GDS location in LCM.

For ‘adobeidp.RootDirectory’ to get created at a particular location, log in to the WebSphere Administrative Console and do one of the following:

  1. Specify -Dadobeidp.RootDirectory=<location with read/write/execute permissons> under Generic JVM Arguments.
  2. Create a Custom JVM property with name ‘adobeidp.RootDirectory’ and value ‘<location with read/write/execute permissons>’

The recommended location is <WebSphere Root>/profiles/<Application Server Profile>/installedApps

If ‘adobeidp.RootDirectory’ is not specified, by default, it will get created under <WebSphere Root>/installedApps, and for clusters, under <WebSphere Root>/installedApps on each cluster node.

There’s no harm in using the default locations as long as you have just one profile/cluster configuration on your WebSphere.

In case you’d like to change the location you just need to follow the steps below:

  1. Declare this property for a particular server in WebSphere Administrative Console. For a cluster you’d have to declare it for every server node of the cluster.
  2. Restart your application server/cluster.

You’ll observe that the contents are now exploded at the location you specified in Step#1 above.

P.S. You cannot straight away delete the contents for the older/default location of adobeidp.RootDirectory. This is because if you have chosen default/empty location for the GDS in LCM, your GDS will get created under DocumentStorage folder at this location. Either keep this folder and delete the rest of the folders or backup this folder and copy it at some other location and then change the location of GDS from LiveCycle Admin Console.

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