Primary Determinant of LiveCycle Single Thread Performance

The primary determinant of LiveCycle single-thread performance in most cases is the clock speed of the CPU.

Multiple tests were conducted to determine this using the eTech LiveCycle Benchmark Orchestration. The correlation of the mean elapsed time (of all transactions in a 1-hr test) to the clock speed of the CPU was -0.9997 which means that an almost perfect (but negative) correlation exists.

In other words, how long a particular orchestration takes to execute is inversely proportional to the CPU clock speed. Obviously, the quicker an orchestration executes, the higher its transaction throughput will be.

Elapsed time measured was “CLICK to CLUNK” where:
CLICK = Borland SilkPerformer sends an HTTP GET request to the REST endpoint of the short-lived orchestration
CLUNK = the last byte of the returned PDF is accounted for by SilkPerformer and verified to be a valid PDF.

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