Customize LC Workspace ES2 UI using FB4 Premium on 64-bit O/S

The steps to configure your development environment in the Customizing LiveCycle Workspace ES2 User Interface guide on pages 20-33 correspond to Adobe Flex Builder 3 Standalone, running in a 32-bit Windows environment.  Given that Adobe Flash Builder 4 is the recommended version for ES2.5 and that laptops running a combined server and development environment must be 64-bit, here are the steps I followed to set up my development environment using Flash Builder 4 Premium on Windows 2008:

 (Disclaimer:  Customizing LC Workspace ES2 UI has only officially been tested with Adobe Flex Builder 3; not Adobe Flash Builder 4)

1. Install the Flex 3.4.1 SDK from LiveCycle DVD or Workbench 9.5 and configure Flash Builder to use it as the default.
See “Install the LiveCycle ES2 version of the Flex SDK” and “Configuring Flex Builder to use the LiveCycle ES 2 version of the Flex SDK” on pages 20-21 of the guide.  The Flash Builder menu options are similar to Flex Builder.

 2. Install the Java Developer tools for Eclipse 3.5, which gives you Ant Builder in Flash Builder.
A.  In Flash Builder, go to Help->Install New Software …
B.  In “Available Software Sites”, click “Add” on right side.
                        Add “Galileo” as the “Name:”.
                        Add “” as the “Location:”.
                        Click “OK”.
 C.  In the “Work with” field, select “Galileo”.
 D.  Below the search results, un-select the “Group items by category”.
 E.  Among the search results, select “Eclipse Java Development Tools” and click “Next”.
       Click “Next” again. Accept the license agreement and click “Finish”.

3. Install the 1.0b2 ant-contrib library to the Ant Builder in Flash Builder.
Download the file from here:

Follow the “Install Ant-Contrib1.b02 library” section on page 23 of the guide.  The menu options are similar in Flash Builder.

4.  Import and configure the Workspace Flex projects in Flash Builder.
Follow the instructions in the “Importing and configuring the Flex projects” chapter pages 24-27 in the guide.  Again, the menu options are similar for Flash Builder.

5. Create an ANT builder for building the workspace-ui project.
Follow the instructions in the “Create an Ant builder for building the workspace-ui project” page 27-28 in the guide.

6.  Workaround the Flex compiler not working with a 64bit JRE.
 Edit the jvm.config file in FLEX_HOME\bin  (e.g. C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Adobe Flash Builder 4\sdks\\bin).  Within jvm.config, set  java.home to the location of  32bit JRE. 

                Example:   java.home=C:/Program Files (x86)/Adobe/Adobe Flash Builder 4/jre

7.  Build Workspace as documented in guide.

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