Generic LiveCycle Deployment Diagram Visio Template

Many consultants and partner developers working on Adobe LiveCycle applications end up needing a deployment architecture diagram for the application at some point or the other during the application development life cycle.

To help, I am posting something we usually use. Please feel free to edit (you would need Microsoft Visio 2007) to fit your customer’s environment. Here is the Visio template. Here’s the PDF version.

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Generic LiveCycle Deployment Diagram Visio Template, 2.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings
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2 Responses to Generic LiveCycle Deployment Diagram Visio Template

  1. Hi Jayan,

    That diagram is great, thanks for releasing it. I have just one nit-pick. Technically, the proxy server is in fact a reverse-proxy server, isn’t it?

    I find myself regularly referencing this blog. Thanks for all the great posts!


    • Jayan Kandathil says:

      Hi Rob:

      We typically see two roles played by that server:

      1) reverse proxy (as you mentioned)
      2) caching proxy where it caches images, .js files, HTML files and Mosaic SWFs so that client requests for those never hit the LiveCycle appserver instances