T-Mobile and Adobe LiveCycle ES and Adobe Flash Platform solutions: Customer Success Video

During recent discussions with T-Mobile executives, we learned about how the perennial winner of JD Powers and Associates’ awards for customer service excellence uses Adobe LiveCycle ES and Adobe Flash Platform solutions to continually refine and enhance the customer experience. The mobile communications provider used Adobe solutions to create QuikView, an intuitive, fully integrated desktop application that enables in-store and call center representatives to help customers faster than ever.

With QuikView, service representatives have instant access to comprehensive account details for millions of customers and can easily navigate account information to manage a variety of requests. Through improved insight into customer accounts, front-line employees can work more efficiently and improve every interaction. QuikView also offers rapid integration of sales campaign information, new product offers, and service plan updates, helping to ensure agents can always keep customers informed about the latest mobile technologies and services.

With Adobe solutions, T-Mobile is transforming how it serves its customers. The new service platform helps the company enhance its business by more actively engaging customers with cutting-edge products and higher-value services. Visit the Adobe Customer Showcase to watch the video.

Here are the details:

  • Company: T-Mobile
  • Region: US
  • Industry: Telecommunications
  • Solution: Customer service – customer experience management

T-Mobile is leveraging Adobe LiveCycle ES solutions and the Adobe Flash Platform to create a dynamic, feature-rich service application that enables front-line employees to quickly access customer account information, actively engage customers with enhanced product and service offerings , and increase the value of customer interactions–ultimately boosting productivity and customer satisfaction.

Components include
Adobe LiveCycle ES:

  • Adobe LiveCycle Data Services

Adobe Flash Platform:

  • Adobe Flex framework
  • Adobe AIR
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