How to Globally Turn Off LiveCycle Process Recording

There are situations where a LiveCycle system administrator has to (globally) turn off all process recordings that process developers may have enabled.

One of those cases is where the load testing team prepares the system for a high-volume load test. If recording is turned on for any of the processes involved in the load test, the filesystem-based GDS folder will experience high disk write I/O which will skew performance data (even if the GDS is configured to target the database). There is also the risk that the filesystem will run out of disk space.

To prevent this from happening, you can set a property of the AuditWorkflowService called ‘maxNumberOfRecordingInstances‘ using the AdminUI. Setting this to 0 (the default is 50) and saving the change will in effect turn off all process recording globally. There is no need to re-start LiveCycle. See screenshot below:

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