Flex Viewer Utility for the Service Registry

All the files for this post are in Flex Viewer of Service Registry PDF Portfolio.

The one non-source file is a 12 page PDF (with much source in it). It begins as follows:

Have you ever been into one of those cheap furniture stores where they offer a reduced price if you do the finishing, the sanding, the varnishing, the buffing …? Well, this is something like that. This post includes all the code and accoutrements for a Flex-based utility, but it is decidedly unvarnished.

Well, not only that but it contains no warranties at all. It worked for me. I can’t imagine how it could harm your system. It does only read-only things.

The utility presents, in Flex, a list of all of the services in your LiveCycle Service Registry. Each time you select one of those services, it shows all the operations that that service offers. Each time you select one of those operations it shows you all the inputs and outputs that that operation uses – including the data type of each parameter. It also indicates whether each input is mandatory (*) or optional (-).

Of course, all the code is here, so you can do what you want.
The code, as provided, does offer some simple filtering so as to choose to constrain results to, say, only short-lived services, or to only orchestratable services.

Ready for polish, here is a view of it running:

View The Service Registry

View The Service Registry

Would I ever be happy to receive back some more eye-pleasing version.

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