How to Disable Guest Access in Content Services

One of my customers did not want unauthorized users accessing the contentspace default web page: http://myserver:8080/contentspace (on JBoss) when Content Services is installed.

Although a guest cannot open or even search for files that are not stored in the guest content, for some people, a splashing loggin screen is to be expected in any case.

For the sake of the explanation, the info below are for LCES2 running on a Jboss server (this should work in all configuration).

Do not try to delete the Guest Home and/or the guest user. You will end up with an unstable contentspace like this when accessing the default page (bug #2889152):

screenshot sample


Instead add the following argument to the JAVA_OPTS line in the run.bat file (c:\\adobe\adobe liveycle ES2\jboss\bin  default path on Windows):


Restart the server.

Here is what you get when trying to access: http://myserver:8080/contentspace

login screenshot

Here is what you get once logged in:

Note: notice that you no longer have the Guest Home in the left panel but should you select the Company Home then you would have the Guest Home space in the list:

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