How to Fix Empty Version Fields in LiveCycle About Page

It has happened that after some installation of  Service Pack 2 or 3 for LiveCycle ES Update 1 ( or, the LC and patches versions are empty on the About Adobe LiveCycle page.

About screenshot

About screenshot

Here are the steps that are known to have solved the issue:

  1. Find the LC core ear file. Open it and look for  the adobe-ifs-license.jar file.
  2. Locate the license files in the adobe.ifs.license.jar file.
  3. Search for the license directory of the LC installation root.
  4. Rebuild the adobe-ifs-license.jar file with the files found in the installation directory.
  5. Put the jar file back into the ear file.
  6. Stop the Application Server and put the “new” ear file in deployment.
  7. Start the Application Server and check the logs for errors.
  8. Clear all browser caches and check the About page.

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