Manage Column Headings in Workspace Just Got Easier

ADEP Workspace has introduced a new feature that allows you to manage your column headings without having to pop back and forth to the Preferences page. Column headings can now be managed directly from the page that is displaying the columns. This new ‘in situ’ feature can be accessed via List View on the To Do, Tracking and History tabs.

Modifying column headings on To Do:

  • Set your To Do display to List View
  • Click the Manage Column Headings button

You should then be presented with the Manage Column Headings pop-up panel:


 At this point you can select any column heading and enable or disable the column as well as change the column location by moving the column heading up or down the column list.  The changes you make here are persisted as part of your Workspace preferences so the changes you make will be displayed the next time you log in to Workspace.

Note that the Manage Column Headings will also display Common Process Variables as well as process specific variables.  To view the process specific variables you must be viewing process instances for a particular process rather than the ‘Show All’ view of your To Do list.

Modifying column headings on Tracking:

ADEP Workspace now allows you to manage the high level Tracking columns (previous releases had fixed columns until you drilled into a process instance). ADEP Workspace also allows you to display Common Process Variables as well as process specific variables on the Tracking page to make it easier to find the task you are looking for.


In the above example I have exposed the Mortgage Amount process variable.  I am now able to locate the process instance for the $350,000 mortgage application without having to open each process instance in order to find that particular mortgage application.

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