Workspace Polling in ADEP

ADEP Workspace now allows Administrators to modify the Workspace client polling interval without having to recompile the Workspace source code. A new Global Configuration setting is added to the Workspace Global Configuration settings xml file that allows Administrators to modify the client polling values. The new setting is called ‘client_pollingInterval’ and the default value is 3 seconds.

To modify the client polling value:

– Log in to the ADEP Administator Console and navigate to Home-> Services-> Workspace-> Global Administration and click the ‘Export’ button in the ‘Export global settings’ area.

– Save the ‘AdminGlobalSetting.xml’ file to your local file system.

– Open the file and locate the ‘client_pollingInterval’ tag and change the value to your new value.

– Save the file.

– In the Workspace Global Administration page click the Browse button in the ‘Import global settings’ area and locate the AdminGlobalSettings.xml file and then click the Import button. (No server restart is required.)

The next time your end users log in to Workspace they will be using this new polling interval.

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