Configuring a Custom Location For The WEM Repository

When you install the CQ quickstart, or the ADEP Solutions Quickstart, the repository file structure (and initial repository contents) is created by default under drive:\quickstart installation directory\crx-quickstart\repository\

You can override this behaviour and have the repository created in a custom location as long as you perform the customization of the install process prior to installing the quickstart the first time.

The steps are documented here as well, but can be a bit confusing as the example uses relative paths which don’t actually work if you follow the instructions exactly.

Configuration steps

  1. Create a directory in your chose custom location (i.e. C:\Adobe\Repository_CustomLoc)
  2. Create a file named in the quickstart installation directory (where the quickstart jar and files reside)
  3. Edit the file, add the following (obviously you want to use your own path here):repository.home=C:/Adobe/Repository_CustomLoc
  4. Now you must extract the repository-template.xml file from the quickstart jar file, open the quickstart jar file with WinZip
  5. Navigate to etc\server\webapps
  6. The crx-explorer_crx.warfile is located here (it contains the repository-template.xml file)
  7. Open the crx-explorer_crx.war file and navigate to the WEB-INF folder
  8. Extract the repository-template.xml file to you repository custom location (i.e. C:\Adobe\Repository_CustomLoc)
  9. Rename the repository-template.xml file to repository.xml
  10. Open the new repository.xml file in an editor
  11. Locate the node
  12. Edit the value attribute to point to the path to the quickstart installation directory (i.e. “drive:/quickstart installation directory/crx-quickstart/repository/install”)
  13. Save the changes to the repository.xml file
  14. Install your solutions quickstart

Once the installation process is complete, your entire repository will be located in the custom location you specified.

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