LiveCycle Category Management – Category Deletion

Scenario Described:

I recently worked on an escalation where customer was not able to remove “samples” category using LiveCycle Admin UI -> Services > Applications and Services > Category Management. Error message was:

ALC-DSC-115-000: com.adobe.idp.dsc.registry.EndpointCategoryInUseException: Cannot delete Samples endpoint category because it is being used.

The reason they were not able to delete the “samples” category was because it was associated with specific Task Manager Endpoints.

Solution Described:

There are a couple of choices in this case.

Option1. You need to remove the applications containing those task manager endpoints using “Application Management” interface OR

Option2. You need to remove that association manually using steps below (option2)

Option1 may sound brutal; but in this case, since “Sample applications” were installed unintentionally, this was their choice.

These options are elaborated below.

• Navigate to: Home > Services > Applications and Services > Application Management
• Undeploy and remove following applications by clicking on those links one by one.

• Once all three applications are removed, it will remove all Task Manager Endpoints associated with “Samples” category, and that category will automatically be removed.

• Navigate to: Home > Services > Applications and Services > Endpoint Management
• In Provider dropdown, choose TaskManager and click filter.
• On the page you should see following three endpoints which are associated with “Samples”

• Click on the link on first column (one by one), and it will allow you to change the “category” for those endpoints to something other than “samples”.
• Once that’s done, you should be able to delete “samples” category.

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