Configure multiple Connection Brokers for LiveCycle ES3 SP1 Connector for EMC Documentum

You can now configure multiple Documentum connection brokers with LiveCycle ES3 SP1. The process is pretty much the same. You just need to give a comma separated host and port values. Follow the below steps (after you have configured one Documentum connection broker with LiveCycle server) :-

1.) Open the LiveCycle administration console.

2.) Go to Home –> Services –> LiveCycle ES3 Connector for EMC Documentum –>  Configuration Settings .

3.) Update the top two fields Connection broker Host Name or IP Address, and Port Number of Connection broker with comma separated values as shown in the below image:

This is useful in scenarios where one of your connection broker goes down. The new LiveCycle Documentum connector code is capable to route the operations via the other configured Connection broker. No call will fail if there is at least one running connection broker configured with the Docbase.

Any connection broker (that had gone down and has now come up) will get registered based on a time interval after which your Docbase (to which all your connection brokers are connected) is broadcasting. Default value of this parameter (checkpoint_interval) is 300 seconds.


Pankaj Gakhar


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