Exploring the powerfull features of Fire WS in livecycle workbench

Fire WS and Fire DS are two powerful features added in workbench.
Using Fire WS you can now create a data model based on a WSDL and LC will then create a DSC (component) with corresponding service operations of the WSDL. So let’s build a WSDL based DataModel and generate a DSC out of that model

    Login to workbench
    Create a application, lets call it “FireWS”
    Create a new DataModel from the File|New|Data Model.
    Give a name to the Data Model. Lets call it “CurrencyConverter”

    Select the “WebService” as the starting point for the model.
    Click Next
    Specify the WSDL url. We are going to use the following wsdl- This webservice gives you the currency exchange rates
Specify WSDL Url for the Model

Specify WSDL Url for the Model

Click Next.
In the Port drop down list select the option CurrencyConverterSoap
Click Finish
So you have now create a WSDL based data model.The next thing to do is to generate a DSC out of this model.
To do that follow the following instructions
Double click the “CurrencyConverter” datamodel in your application. DataModel perspective should open
Click anywhere in the white space to edit the model properties
Select Doc Services and make sure the “Generate Document Services Component” check box is selected

Create DSC out of this Data Model

Create DSC out of this Data Model

Save the model and deploy the application
After deploying the application you should see a Component Reference file in your application folder. This file starts with FC_…..

If you see the component reference file, you have succesfully created a Data Model based on a WSDL.
Go to Components view, refresh the components view, you should see the CurrencyConverter component which you can use in your process



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2 Responses to Exploring the powerfull features of Fire WS in livecycle workbench

  1. aks@lc says:

    It’s awesome feature. It will be very helpful when you are migrating form conventional J2ee system to livecycle.