LiveCycle XMLForms Native Process and WebSphere Global Security


Debugging form rendering issues related to XMLforms native process could be challenging. In one of the earlier blogs I’ve put together a few points those could help narrow down problem areas. Blog post is available here.

We recently encountered a situation with another customer which was another manifestation of form rendering related problem and root cause was very different.

They were using LiveCycle ES2 SP2 + AIX 6.1 + WAS + Oracle 11g.

Their forms were failing to render in Workspace.
SystemOut.log for websphere showed following error. XMLForms did not core dump.
0000003d ProcessResour W com.adobe.service.ProcessResource doProcessExitCleanup BMC024: Service XMLFormService: Process ProcessResource@8c808c8(name=XMLForm.exe,pid=0) terminated abnormally with error code {3}

SystemErr.log showed following entries –
omniORB: (0) 2012-04-10 17:32:40.757039: Unable to open new connection: giop:tcp:<hostname>:0
omniORB: (0) 2012-04-10 17:32:40.757068: throw giopStream::CommFailure from,NO,TRANSIENT_ConnectFailed)


As you can see, failure was related to CORBA communication via OmniORB. Connection was requested over port “0” (highlighted portion of the message above) which was obviously wrong.

After further investigation, root cause turned out to be strict global security enforced on WebSphere.

When global security on Websphere is turned on; SSL on transport should be toned down to “SSL-Supported” (as opposed to “SSL-Required” which customer was using).

Here is a screenshot for illustration.

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