Adobe LiveCycle Forms Integration with SharePoint

This post assumes that you have already installed LiveCycle server containing Forms and SharePoint Connector modules and also configured the web part for livecycle connector for sharepoint on the SharePoint server.

A sample livecycle archive adobe-formintegrationformssharepoint.lca is provided with Adobe LiveCycle Installation in the <LiveCycle_Install_DIR>/deploy folder. You can use this to see adobe livecycle forms integration with SharePoint server.

Follow the below steps to Install the sample livecycle archive:

  1. Open LiveCycle Administration Console in a browser.
  2. Go to Services > Applications and Services > Application Management and click on import. This will open the below page
  3. Browse for the file adobe-formintegrationformssharepoint.lca and click preview. You will get the below page:
  4. You can click on the View Assets buttons to see what assets are included in the sample.
  5. On the screen (shown in point 3), click on Import. You’ll get the below screen:
  6. Select the SharePoint Form Integration sample applications as listed in the image above, and click Deploy.

After completing the above steps we can go to the SharePoint site and verify it. Follow the below steps:

  1. On a SharePoint Site, click on Site Settings and then on Adobe Forms Library under the heading Adobe LiveCycle.
  2. In the List Tools on the ribbon menu, select Items tab and click on New Item under the New Itemdrop down. The below page will open up:
  3. Select any of the XDPs provided by the Adobe Forms Integration Sample, choose a name for the List and click Create. The new List is created.
  4. Click on Lists on the left hand side menu and on the new page select the newly created List (‘Test’ in this case). The list opens and currently there is no data available in the list.
  5. Click on Add New Item, this will render the screen:
  6. Fill in the required values on the screens step 1 and step 2 and click submit. A new row gets added to the List (Test) with the values that you had entered. You can also select this row and select View Item or Edit Item. This will also render the similar screens for you.



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One Response to Adobe LiveCycle Forms Integration with SharePoint

  1. Ronny Ruyters says:


    Thanks for the explanation, it helped me a lot!
    But I still hava a question:
    How can I get the submit of the mortgage application form go back to LC? I would like to be able to start an approval flow in LC with the application filled out at the Sharepoint site.

    When creating a new List Item, There is an option to select a ‘Render and Submit’ process, but this is never used for the submit.

    I also tried configuring a workflow on the List and point it to a LC-process I created, but this also does not get invoked.