LC ES3 SP1 is now available for download

You can now download LiveCycle ES3 SP1 here:

NOTE: You will need an Adobe ID, and will also need to accept the license agreement before you can download it.

Step 1:


Step 2:


Step 3:


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9 Responses to LC ES3 SP1 is now available for download

  1. Hi,

    can we use this SP for our Customers who used the Document Service 10.0 Installer with SP1 ?

  2. Stefano Maestri says:

    I took a look to the readme file.
    This SP resolves many issues concerning PDF/A.
    Are the same issues resolved within the previous SP1 for ADEP ?
    or I have to use this SP1 also to path ADEP?


  3. bgeorgar says:

    This Service Pack is for LiveCycle ES3 ( 10.0.2 ) and not ADEP . Please check the exact version of LiveCycle you have by accessing adminui (http://server:port/adminui) and then checking the version on the splash screen. The version should say 10.0.2 and LiveCycle ES3.

    Running the Service Pack on ADEP ( ) will not work.

  4. Stefano Maestri says:

    I just read the note in the web page….
    “This service pack can be deployed only on Adobe LiveCycle ES3 10.0.2.”
    But the question is still if inside ADEP SP1 these issues are solved or not.

    • bgeorgar says:

      They are probably not fixed. I would highly recommend that you install LiveCycle ES3.
      We are advising most of our customers to move to ES3 if they are on ADEP.
      As well, there is no direct upgrade path from ADEP to ES3. This will need to be an out of place upgrade.

  5. Sven Ramuschkat says:

    “As well, there is no direct upgrade path from ADEP to ES3. This will need to be an out of place upgrade.” ….. ??

    It was not our fault or our customers fault that you changed all that … So at least I would expect to have an official step to step guide how to upgrade a running production system with thousands of users step to step to LC3 …

    • Jeff Stanier says:

      There will be a direct upgrade path from ADEP to LiveCycle We did not provide one from ADEP to ES3 as they are essentially the same things in terms of the document service capabilities. ES3 is a re-branded version of ADEP.

  6. Ok, but the PDF/A stuff you fixed in ES 3 SP1 is different than that in ADEP 10 SP1 … so my Customer who needs these PDF/A Fixes is lost … ?

    • bgeorgar says:

      I would recommend you log your issues with Enterprise Support.
      They will be able to help you resolve the issues at hand.