Could not initialize class com.documentum.fc.client.DfClient while starting livecycle documentum connector services for documentum 6.7 SP1

If you are trying to configure documentum 6.7 sp1 with livecycle and while starting the services for livecycle connector for emc documentum you are getting the below error, then this post may be help ful to you.

java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: Could not initialize class com.documentum.fc.client.DfClient
    at ……..

The cause of this error is that the classpath required for connecting for documentum 6.7 SP1 is not correct.

You should check that all the jars present in the are in a single line (without a line break or new line character), having forward slashes and comma seperated.

The classpath is read till the newline character is encountered. So, any jar files that occur after the newline character will not be considered a part of the class path. Hence, the services fail to start.

The contents of adobe-component-ext.properites file should be like this (in a single line):-

com.adobe.livecycle.ConnectorforEMCDocumentum.ext=C:/Program Files/Documentum/Shared/dfc.jar,C:/Program Files/Documentum/Shared/aspectjrt.jar,C:/Program Files/Documentum/Shared/log4j.jar,C:/Program Files/Documentum/Shared/jaxb-api.jar,C:/Program Files/Documentum/Shared/configservice-impl.jar,C:/Program Files/Documentum/Shared/configservice-api.jar,C:/Program Files/Documentum/Shared/commons-codec-1.3.jar,C:/Program Files/Documentum/Shared/commons-lang-2.4.jar


Hope this helps somebody.



Pankaj Gakhar

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