Managing Process Recordings in LiveCycle

Process Recordings are stored in the /GDS/audit/workflow/ directory.

By default, the maximum number of recordings that can be stored is set to 50.

The value for maximum number of recordings can be configured via Workbench:

1. Open Component View in Workbench.
2. Right click on “Components/AuditWorkflowDSC/AuditWorkflowService:1.0”
3. Select “Edit Service Configuration…”
4. Change the value to increase/decrease max limit.
5. Restart service.

It is not recommended to turn on Process Recordings in a Production Environment.


About Ameeth Palla

Ameeth Palla is a Technical Account Manager for the Adobe Digital Enterprise Platform team. Previously he was in the role of a Technical Expert for LiveCycle for the the Technical Response Team (what is now the Sr.Support Architect role). In both roles, Ameeth handled several technical issues for various customers and worked closely to aid with Sales POC's, Development/Implementation and Manitenance of LiveCycle/ADEP Projects. In the current role he handles several high profile customer accounts and provides guidance in all aspects of LiveCycle/ADEP. Also he is a Certified LiveCycle ES2.5 Process Management Expert. He was nominated for the 'Adobe Founders Award' and the 'Excellence Matters' award for LiveCycle/ADEP BU.
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3 Responses to Managing Process Recordings in LiveCycle

  1. yousuf says:

    thanks for telling the procedure

  2. Tanmay says:

    Adding more to this, I faced an issue when the Process recording was default configured to 50 and I was not able to delete the existing recording and was getting a Null Pointer exception I invoke a process. To resolve this, I changed the recording count to 10 and it worked. I was able to invoke the process from Workbench after this change.

    • Ameeth Palla says:

      Hi Tanmay,
      If you encounter such issues again, instead of changing the count, try the following :
      – Backup GDS/audit/workflow dir.
      – Delete the contents of the GDS/audit/workflow dir.

      This may help if there was any file corruption within the workflow dir where the recordings are stored, which could have caused the NPE.

      It is a good practice to frequently clean old recordings.