Store Content to FileNet server using LiveCycle Java APIs

You should have LiveCycle server installed and LiveCycle connector for IBM FileNet should be configured with it.

Follow the steps below to store content to FileNet server using LiveCycle’s Java APIs:

1.) Create ServiceClientFactory Object.

2.) Create an object of IBMFileNetContentRepositoryConnectorServiceClient class using the object of ServiceClientFactory class.

3.) Create an object of the type com.adobe.idp.Document as this is required by the storeContent API.

4.) Call the storeContent API.

For more details about the available API’s see the java docs available at

Class path required for running the code:


Download source code here.



Pankaj Gakhar

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Store Content to FileNet server using LiveCycle Java APIs, 8.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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