ALC-BCF-001-001: Undefined filter – JBig2Decode

If you are decoding scanned PDFs with LiveCycle Barcoded Forms, and they contain JBig2 compressed images, you may see this error in your server logs.

 ERROR [com.adobe.barcodedforms.decoder.image.PDFImageIterator] ALC-BCF-001-001: com.adobe.internal.pdftoolkit.core.exceptions.PDFCosParseException: Undefined filter – JBIG2Decode

 com.adobe.internal.pdftoolkit.core.exceptions.PDFInvalidDocumentException: com.adobe.internal.pdftoolkit.core.exceptions.PDFCosParseException: Undefined filter – JBIG2Decode

This happens, because LiveCycle Barcoded Forms does not include support to handle images that use JBig2 image compression. Although Jbig2 has been supported in PDF since version 1.4 of the PDF Specification, LiveCycle did not have support for this image format in the Barcoded Forms module. This has been rectified now, and is available as a patch:  9.0.0-BCF-2.202. Once this patch is applied, Barcoded Forms can process PDFs that contain JBig2 compressed images. The associated bug# is 3218501. This patch is dependent on a Core patch as well, which is 9.0.0-COR-2.234. If you run into this problem, and you are using ES3, or another version other than, please contact Enterprise Support ( for more information about obtaining a patch for the version you have if you require them.


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One Response to ALC-BCF-001-001: Undefined filter – JBig2Decode

  1. g5spark says:

    kevin, this is chully
    how do you create a pdf with jbig2 compressed images? Is there a setting in Reader? or FoxIt to enable it? We are seeing the issues in the log but can’t create a file with it.
    i took a barcode image (.jpg) and using a SDK created a JBig2 (.jb2) file but LC produces a different error that basically says it doesnt recognize the doc.