LiveCycle ES next release: Roadmap and Prerelease

We are planning to release the next version of LiveCycle in 2013. The upcoming LiveCycle release significantly extends LiveCycle capabilities with major innovations such as Mobile Forms, Forms Manager, Forms Portal and Mobile Workspace features. Here is a brief overview of what’s planned for the next release and how you can test drive the new capabilities through the prerelease program.

Mobile Forms
With mobile forms capability, LiveCycle forms become truly multi-channel. This capability ensures that customers can start with an XFA template and render those forms on mobile devices. We make this happen through our new XFA -> HTML5 forms transformation service. The HTML5 forms will look the same as PDF forms in layout and will support most form logic embedded in the XFA form template. So the javascript, form calc and form validations embedded in XFA get carried over to the HTML5 form.

One of our key goals is to ensure that customers who made technology investments in XFA forms will be able to easily render those same XFA forms on to mobile devices. We are trying to ensure that rendering on mobile devices does not require re-authoring of existing XFA forms.

Mobile Workspace
We are building capabilities to extend the business processes of an organization to their field workforce. Many organizations have case workers/ agents who are in the field, who need to visit citizens/ customers, to perform assessments and collect information – for example to fill a survey, take notes, or take pictures.

How do we address these use cases?
We are planning to release a native LC Mobile Workspace app that directly addresses these use cases and significantly extends the value of LiveCycle to the customer.

The key capability here is offline task management. Tasks and the related forms, attachments and notes can be taken offline. You can be in a remote location without WiFi or cellular connectivity and still be able to complete your assessment – fill forms, take pictures, capture conversations, take notes and so on. And tasks will be geotagged and timestamped as well – this can be very critical for an organization to prove that the physical visit was made and the assessment was done at a particular time.


The Mobile Workspace app will be based on PhoneGap. We will also release the SDK and source code so that organizations can build their own custom mobile workforce solutions.

HTML Workspace

In prior releases the LiveCycle Workspace application was built using Adobe’s Flex technology which utilized the Flash player in an internet browser.  We are building a new HTML Workspace that will match the capabilities of the Flex Workspace. The user experience has been revamped and the UI is a lot more intuitive. In addition, HTML Workspace is built from individual HTML components. This makes it much easier to integrate Workspace components with web applications. Please note that the Flex Workspace will continue to be supported. With HTML Workspace, we hope to provide customers with greater choice.

Forms Management and Forms Portal

With Forms Management and Forms Portal, we plan to address a critical requirement for any large forms customer – how do I create, publish and manage hundreds or thousands of forms and how do I expose forms to the outside world?

Let’s look at any organization that has a forms portal. There are mainly two groups of people here. One group comprises of the citizens or customers who would like to

  1. Find the right form
  2. Access the form from any device – whether its desktop or mobile
  3. After submission, know the status of the application. They would like to get notifications as the application gets processed at the backend.

At the other end, we have forms and IT administrators who have very different needs.

  1. How do I manage enterprise-grade mission – critical forms processes?
  2. I have thousands of forms and form assets. How do I activate/ deactivate forms, how do I manage dependencies across form assets?

Forms Manager










The first step is forms management. We will enable organizations to manage hundreds and thousands of form assets – whether it is form templates, fragments or images.

We will provide a web application using which form administrators can browse or do meta-data driven search,  “activate” or “deactivate” assets, perform inter asset dependency analysis. For ex: Before changing a fragment, form administrators would like to know which forms will get impacted. By examining inter-asset dependencies, they can understand the ramifications of the change and develop a test plan. You can also preview the forms in PDF, HTML5. You can migrate form assets from dev to staging to production. These are basic needs of any enterprise forms customer and with Forms Manager we plan to address them going forward.

Forms Portal
The next step is, how to  expose these forms to the outside world? For this, we are planning to provide out of the box integration with Adobe CQ. We will be shipping LC – CQ components. They will be delivered as a package on Package Share.


The above picture gives an illustration of how this will work. Once the package is installed, form components will start showing up in the CQ sidekick. The form components automatically expose forms in the LiveCycle  repository through CQ. For ex: Here we are developing the web portal in CQ. You can drag and drop form components such as a Form Lister, Form Search. The Form Lister component shows administrators all the forms which are “activated”. The Forms Search component enables end users to search for relevant forms. We aim to make the entire process of publishing forms to the portal very seamless so that forms administrators can publish forms without depending on IT.


In addition to these themes, the upcoming LiveCycle release will also introduce enhancements in Rights Management, Correspondence Management and Data Services.

Rights Management

  1. Support for Dynamic Watermarks on Mobile
  2. Enhanced User Experience for RM documents on Mobile
  3. Ability to search RM protected documents in Sharepoint

Correspondence Management

  1. Performance enhancements
  2. Audit trails with change history
  3. Ability to attach documents to correspondence
  4. Support for super script, subscript and hyperlinks in text content

Data Services

  1. Implementation of new WebSocket standard in js-client
  2. Enhancements to SAP Connector – SAP certification
  3. Websocket support in iOS

LiveCycle Prerelease Program
Now, I would like to share details about the LiveCycle Prerelease program. Click here to  register for the prerelease program. You will find a lot of resources including the software, documentation, demo recordings and forums. If you have any questions regarding the upcoming LiveCycle release or regarding the prerelease program, please contact

The LiveCycle product team is excited about the upcoming release and I hope the new capabilities are exciting for you as well.

— Vamsi Vutukuru, Sr Product Manager

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12 Responses to LiveCycle ES next release: Roadmap and Prerelease

  1. Carm Scaffidi says:

    This is terrific news and I look forward to future updates.

  2. Amit Batra says:

    Awesome features. Especially mobile forms that will preserve the scripting logic from the source XFA. Great job!

  3. Prashast Saxena says:

    Really awesome

  4. Feng Xiao says:

    Great news. I believe the html and mobile workspace is really important.

  5. srinivasula reddy says:

    the integration with the CQ5 is good so we can use form components also in the browser not only the java components or HTML which we were using in side kick for adding .this is great.

  6. Stefano Longo says:

    Live Cycle can really have a great future with these innovations and can have even more if tightly integrated with CQ and Analytics

  7. Clement Cazalot says:

    Thanks Vamsi for these information. This is really great!
    Can’t wait for playing with the next release for our customers! :-)

  8. A very exciting release indeed. This will definately ‘reward’ maintenance paying customers and give experienced LC service providers new offerings – great!

    Very interested to see see what comes out on the 28th, 29th Jan in Paris.

  9. Paul says:

    When will it (including Right Management module) support SharePoint 2013 integartion?

    • Jeff Stanier says:

      Hi Paul,

      We are working on the roadmap features for post ES4 now. It’s on our radar but I can’t make any commitments at this point.


  10. Michael Noel says:

    The iPad and Samsung Note 10 tablets provide native front-end Speech Recognition (Speach-to -text) and Handwritting Recognition (HandScript-to-Text) We was hoping LiveCycle Mobile would be enabled with those features which are accessable via published API/SDK. Are there any Plans in the roadmap to leverage the tablet SR and HR capability

    • Vamsi Vutukuru says:

      Hi Michael,

      Thats a great idea. We are planning the LiveCycle roadmap post ES4. We will consider these capabilities in our roadmap discussions.