HTML Workspace in LiveCycle ES4

Adobe LiveCycle ES4 has come up with a brand new HTML based Workspace along with the traditional Flex-based Workspace. HTML Workspace matches the capabilities of the existing flex workspace and adds new capabilities to extend and integrate workspace and makes it more user-friendly. HTML Workspace is purely based on html technology and doesn’t require Adobe Flash player or Adobe Reader to work.

HTML Workspace is a web based application hosted on CRX. When Workspace is opened in a browser, a CRX resource is accessed, and the application is rendered as HTML page in the browser. Because it pure html based and even hosted on CRX, it becomes more easy to enhance and customize this workspace and takes no time in deploying new changes. This HTML Workspace has been designed into modular JavaScript components which can be individually customized and reused in other web applications.


Below are some key capabilities and new features of HTML Workspace:

  • Pure html JavaScript based application, even has the capabilities to take existing xdp or pdf and render it as complete html form. And hence increase its visibility from desktops to tablet devices.
  • HTML Workspace is the component-based software, so it can be easily customized and reused in other web applications. Each component follow Backbone library to have MVC architecture in web application.
  • HTML workspace supports a new summary pane for the tasks. With this summary pane, User can show additional information about the task using an external URL. This feature will be quite useful for a long running task where reviewers or approvers of the task can see the complete summary of the task instead of going through complete task form or other details.
  • HTML Workspace also support for managers view which will allow managers to access or act on tasks of their direct reports. It will also allow managers to drill down, in the Organization hierarchy, to tasks of their indirect reports.
  • One of the important features of HTML workspace is the support for integrating third-party applications inside HTML Workspace. This will allow Organizations to integrate their custom workflows into LiveCycle Workspace like render Adobe LiveCycle CM letter templates as tasks within LiveCycle Workspace window and thus complete the task in Workspace itself without going into LiveCycle CM UI.
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