Mobile Workspace in offline mode

With the release of ES4, Mobile Workspace introduces offlining of tasks that have been assigned to a user. This helps the customer to work even when they are out of the network area. The users can perform actions associated with the tasks namely open the task, update and even complete the task while the application is offline. Once the user goes online, the application can be synced to the LiveCycle server. With this implementation, application provides a great user experience and no delay since everything works as if its on the device. The time consuming actions and tasks are done in background to enable the user best experience in the form of a mobile app.


User is logged into the Workspace after validation of credentials stored in the key-chain. The data associated with any task includes the form and the attachments. Mobile Workspace enables you to configure what all data you want to offline for a task. By default the application does not store any data for the task and these settings can be changed by the user.


Working offline

Once the settings have been configured, any further login enables caching of all the task data to the local disk. The forms are stored in the browser cache which is backed up by local disk, where as the attachments are downloaded to the disk. Once this is done, the user can browse through all the tasks and perform any operation on the task in offline mode.


Any subsequent operation on the task like save or complete marks the task into the outbox filter. Hence it is able to track the work done in offline mode.


Sync offline work

Once the user comes online, the offline work can be synced back to the server. The status bar on the main screen shows the status of sync. the failed tasks are marked and remain in the outbox thereafter. Otherwise the tasks get synced to the server and the application is marked updated to current time stamp.



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