New PDF Export formats introduced in PDF Generator ES4

PDF Generator ES4 introduces new export formats which convert PDF documents to Office Open XML formats (DOCX, XLSX, and PPTX). These conversions use Acrobat based conversion route to perform the operation.
Similar to other existing export formats these new formats are only available on Windows platform, and are single-threaded. The output generated would have the same quality as standalone Acrobat Export option.
For converting files to the new formats the user can use the PDF Generator UI, and in Export PDF screen select the desired export format:

Export PDF Screen

Export PDF

For converting the files using Java API a developer can use the enumerations:

  • ConvertPDFFormatType.DOCX
  • ConvertPDFFormatType.XLSX
  • ConvertPDFFormatType.PPTX

Here is a sample code snippet for exporting to the new format:

//Create a ServiceClientFactory instance
ServiceClientFactory factory = ServiceClientFactory.createInstance(connectionProps);

//Create a GeneratePdfServiceClient object
GeneratePdfServiceClient pdfGenClient = new GeneratePdfServiceClient(factory);

//Get a PDF document to convert to an RTF document
String inputFileName = “C:\\testFile.pdf”;
FileInputStream fileInputStream = new FileInputStream(inputFileName);
Document inDoc = new Document(fileInputStream);

//Convert a PDF document to a DOCX document
ExportPDFResult result = pdfGenClient.exportPDF2(

//Get the newly created RTF document
Document createdDocument = result.getConvertedDocument();

//Save the RTF file
createdDocument.copyToFile(new File(“C:\\”));

As seen in the code above, the output generated is a zip file which contains the exported DOCX, XLSX or PPTX file.


For more information on the exciting new features introduced in Adobe LiveCycle ES4  refer to the LiveCycle ES4 documentation link: What’s new in Adobe LiveCycle ES4 .

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