Built-in profiler in LiveCycle ES4 for performance analysis

New LiveCycle ES4 features like Forms Manager, HTML Workspace etc. require CQ repository as part of the installation. This embedded Adobe CQ, comes with a built in threads profiler. More information about this can be found at this CQ article. This profiler, being part of same container in which LiveCycle is running, collects thread data for LiveCycle classes and services as well.

For Adobe LiveCycle ES4, built in profiler can be found at


To use profiler, just reach above mentioned screen and click on “Start Collecting” button. This will start the profiler. To stop profiler, just click on “stop” button. Collected data will be shown on screen.

Data will be shown in two parts

  1. Packages: Which code is executing
  2. Top 20 stack trace(s): Stack traces with highest count

Before running the profiler, one can change few configurations to weed out unwanted threads and packages.Following screenshot shows self explaining configurations you can modify before starting profiler


This is available on Correspondence Management Publish instance as well.

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