LiveCycle Mobile Forms: bringing all the capabilities of XFA-based forms in HTML5

Browser PDF viewers and LiveCycle forms

Browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox recently started to provide their own PDF viewers to display PDF documents. These native PDF viewers usually do not match the full capabilities provided by Adobe Reader. Specifically, they do not support XFA-based LiveCycle forms. As a result, end users are not able to fill and submit the form for further processing.

Adobe issued an advisory to help users configure their browser settings to make Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat their default PDF viewer. See for configuring the PDF viewer for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

Adobe appreciates that there are business scenarios where it’d be extremely difficult for LiveCycle customers to get their users to change the browser settings. For example, if a customer publishes LiveCycle forms on a public facing portal, it is going to be an impediment to the business if that portal asks its users to change their PDF viewer settings before opening the form. In many scenarios, the applicant may just take her business to some other competitor.

If these scenarios resonate,  it’d be worthwhile to review the support for HTML5-based rendition of LiveCycle forms, introduced in LiveCycle ES4 release.

Introducing Mobile Forms (powered by HTML5)

LiveCycle ES4 provides support for rendering the LiveCycle forms into HTML5 such that the forms can be opened in browsers that provide HTML5 support, including those running on the mobile devices like iPad. The HTML5 rendition of the forms maintains the layout of the form and supports most form logic (such as JavaScript, form calc, and form validations) embedded in the XFA form template. This way, your technology investments in XFA forms are carried over easily to devices where running of the Adobe Reader plugin is not feasible.

Here is a side-by-side comparison of LiveCycle ES4 rendition of a few LiveCycle sample forms in HTML5 and PDF —

Upgrading to LiveCycle ES4

LiveCycle ES4, with its support for HTML5 Forms, extends your business processes to your mobile workforce and clients, increasing productivity while providing access to any user equipped with a desktop, smartphone, or tablet.

Interested in upgrading to LiveCycle ES4? See

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2 Responses to LiveCycle Mobile Forms: bringing all the capabilities of XFA-based forms in HTML5

  1. George says:

    I recently upgraded to LiveCycle Designer ES4 so that I could render my PDF forms in HTML5. I have been looking for hours for instructions but I cannot find any. All I am able to find is web pages that tell me that forms CAN be rendered as HTML 5 but NOT HOW to render them as HTML5.