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Troubleshooting Experience Server – Logging

During development we sometime face issues where system/application does not work in expected way. And then we need some help from the system to troubleshoot the issue. Hallmark of a good system/framework is how it helps a developer to nail … Continue reading

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Handling assertion expiry in Service Invocation

If you have faced issues related to Assertion Expiry while performing service invocation using the client sdk then Renewing the context to handle session expiry recipe can be followed to properly handle the issue

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Security Series II – User’s Identity in LiveCycle

In this post we would talk about a User’s identity in LC once he has authenticated. Any service operation exposed by a DSC can be invoked either anonymously or after performing authentication. Authentication can be performed in two ways h3. … Continue reading

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Security Series I – Terms used in LiveCycle User Management

Starting with this post I would talk about various Authentication features provided by LiveCycle. To start, lets understand few terms that are used as part of this series. The User Management component (henceforth referred as UM) of LiveCycle handles all … Continue reading

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