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Feike Visser (@heervisscher) is an experienced consultant working in the EMEA-region. Feike has done live implementations at large enterprises like NATO, BBC, Philips, Deutsche Bank, HMRC, HSBC.

Protect Your Code with Password Encryption

You can have forms in several ways in your application, from pretty straight forward input forms to very complex forms with lots of business logic in them. A great feature of a PDF-form is that you open this in Designer … Continue reading

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Short-lived process and the utilization of native processes

Livecycle uses native processes for Forms and Output related operations, more on this specific topic you can find here. This blogpost will go into detail about how short-lived processes utilize these native processes and how you can optimize this. To … Continue reading

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Copying XDP-files and the Impact on Performance

If you are developing multiple forms / fragments inside your application whereby some forms look similar, a common way is then to copy some XDP-files at some point to make specific changes to these forms. What most developers don’t realize … Continue reading

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