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Pankaj Parashar is a Lead Software Engineer at Adobe Systems. He is working for Adobe LiveCycle Enterprise Suite. He looks after cluster deployments and LiveCycle SDK testing. His interests include programming, cloud, big data and analytics. He is based out of Noida, India.

LiveCycle ES2 – Unicast based Workspace Clustering

Adobe LiveCycle Workspace is based on client-server application model. It has Flex based client and Java based server component. All clients connected to different servers in a cluster, should be in sync all the time. This is achieved using event … Continue reading

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LiveCycle Cluster – WebLogic Unicast Clustering

LiveCycle deployment is supported on both unicast and multicast based appserver clusters. LiveCycle documentation provides steps for default application server cluster configuration, usually multicast based cluster. In this blog, we will go through steps for creating unicast based WebLogic cluster. Steps for … Continue reading

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LiveCycle – Application Server Clustering Verification

When running Adobe LiveCycle in cluster mode, it is important to verify that the cluster is configured and started successfully. LiveCycle deployment has has two clustering layers Application Server Clustering LiveCycle Clustering LiveCycle runs on J2EE stack. J2EE level clustering should … Continue reading

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LiveCycle Cluster Verification

On top of J2EE clustering, LiveCycle is clustered using Gemfire Distributed Cache. In cluster deployments, it is important that all the members of a LiveCycle cluster are able to find each other so that they can keep their individual caches … Continue reading

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LiveCycle Cluster – TCP based JBoss Clustering

Adobe LiveCycle comes with pre-configured JBoss (Community Edition only) . The preconfigured JBoss has both standalone and cluster-enabled configurations. All cluster-enabled configurations are based on UDP by default. Various enterprise organizations have very restrictive network policy and don’t allow multicasting … Continue reading

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Windows Service For TCP Locator

In most Windows server environments, users want software running as Windows services that are configured to auto-start and auto-stop on Windows start and stop. So far the LiveCycle provided TCP Locator is started using startlocator.bat script on the Windows environment. … Continue reading

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JBoss Cluster Discarding Messages

Sometimes while running LiveCycle on JBoss Cluster, you may see the following log messages appearing in server logs. WARN [org.jgroups.protocols.UDP] discarded message from different group “DefaultPartition” (our group is “LIVECYCLE-CLUSTER”). Sender was These messages appear due to the collision … Continue reading

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