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Version 2.5 of XFA is now available

Version 2.5 of the XML Forms Architecture (XFA) specification has been posted to the Adobe LiveCycle Developer Center. XFA 2.5 is supported by Designer 8.0 and Acrobat/Reader 8.0.

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LiveCycle Designer – The Book

If I had a nickel for every time someone asked if there was a book on LiveCycle Designer, I’d …. well … I’d have a lot of nickels. Well, finally a book is in the works on LiveCycle Designer! In … Continue reading

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Adobe Idol

At Adobe we are encouraged to think about innovation and look for new opportunities. In the Ottawa, Canada office we have set up a group that meets on Friday afternoon to discuss ideas and trends. One of the founders of … Continue reading

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XForms converter now on Adobe Labs

Today, we posted an alpha release of the xForm Converter utility on Adobe Labs. Projects on Adobe Labs are not final releases. We’re excited to have you review our work in progress, just keep in mind that neither the quality … Continue reading

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Adobe Products certified by SAFE

Today we announced that we have been certified by SAFE(Signatures and Authentication for Everyone)-BioPhama Association. Acrobat, Reader, LiveCycle Reader Extensions, and LiveCycle Document Security server are the first software products ever certified. This certification will allow the pharmaceutical industry to … Continue reading

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LiveCycle and Wikipedia

I was doing a quick search in Wikipedia for an offical definition on some typographic controls and decided to plug in LiveCycle for fun. I was suprised to find an entry for both LiveCycle and LiveCycle Designer. Both of these … Continue reading

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New Scripting Guide Available

One thing that we hear a lot about from our customers is documentation. Whether we are visiting customer sites, a attending a conference or following activity in the forums, we hear about the need for more and improved documentation. A … Continue reading

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