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CQ5 Clientlib explained by example

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Protocol to Configure a Basic “Shared-Nothing” Experience Server Cluster

In the ADEP release, the Experience Server “Quickstarts” come with a Java Content Repository (JCR) called CRX. This is horizontally scalable by clustering multiple nodes and putting a load balancer in the front. TERMINOLOGY ———– You can have a farm … Continue reading

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Some WEM Clustering Q&A

Assumption: The questions below assume that you are using CRX2.2 with Hotfix or greater. Question: Where does the crx.xxx file get created? Answer: On a slave node when it is first joined to the cluster. And this is current … Continue reading

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HTML5 file upload in WEM

It’s not a secret feature in CQ/WEM/DAM, but it’s still comparatively unknown – the HTML5-based file upload capability. Editing content is so much more fun if you don’t have to open a dialog [click], navigate through your folder structure [click][click][click] … Continue reading

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